Stündenglass is excited to announce the launch of Dok, a new companion piece for the Modül.

The Dok connects seamlessly to the Modül via a standard Stündenglass magnetic adapter and transforms your Modül into a versatile handheld device.

Disconnect the Modül from your Stündenglass with ease and attach it to Dok for convenient on-the-go use. 

Stundenglass Modul Dok - Side Angle

An anodized aluminum base holds a 3mm thick borosilicate glass water piece featuring a 4-hole welded stem percolator for smooth, water-filtered hits.

A 90° USB-C charging cable allows for simultaneous charging and use thanks to easy access to the Modül charging port.

The Modül Dok Includes:

  • Modül Dok Anodized Aluminum Stand
  • Modül Dok Clear Glass
  • 90° USB-C Charging Cable

Dok is available for purchase on 2/15 for only $99.95. Click here to shop for Stündenglass Modül Dok now.