Introducing Stündenglass

Gravity Pipes


With our Patented Design, we eliminated the need to make contact with a shared mouthpiece and the need to use your lungs to pull. We also wanted to improve on the water pipe smoking experiece in the most efficient way possible. Not only did we achieve our goal, but we created an entirely enjoyable, rich, and smooth method that improves on both the water pipe and hookah smoking experience.


Some material like Concentrates requires a slow steady pull to begin, with Stundenglass you can simply turn the unit partially to create just enough suction. When smoking shisha in particular, coals must be kept burning, with Stundenglass you can rotate the unit without inhaling any smoke thereby keeping coals lit or purging.


With our unique patented design, Stundenglass requires no battery or motor. Only a 180 rotation delivers a smooth, strong, and quick or slow flow of smoke. The volume delivered has been developed to ensure you can inhale an entire chamber if desired. Stundenglass embrases the quintessential gravity pipe experience in a modern package.

About Us

We began this endeavor with the goal of creating a high quality product for an industry that has not seen very much innovation. What we created is both beautiful and an extremely effective, new way to smoke using an age old method. Stundenglass harnesses the power of gravity and water without the typical gravity, water pipe mess. With Stundenglass, there is no fumbling to cover exposed holes for fear of spillage because the water is contained within the unit. With our patented design, it is easy to take as little or as much smoke as you want. Use the true power of gravity for an entire chamber of smoke or pause it, pass, and share. Stundenglass is great for individual use or groups. Since the smoke is pushed to you, mouth to mouthpiece contact is unnecessary. Stundenglass is built with the Highest quality materials available chosen for their high strength tolerance and durability as well as beauty.

How To Use

1. Rotate unit so the globes are perpendicular to the base.
2. Remove the top globe by unscrewing counter-clockwise.
3. Fill the bottom globe through the water pass-through hole up to the edge of the unit.

Do not overfill.
4. Dry out threads with a cloth.
5. Attach top globe by rotating clockwise. Assure rubber seal is seated in unit and tighten to hand tight.
6. Choose your bowl and add material for smoking.
7. Rotate the unit by pushing the top globe towards the bottom.
8. Once the bottom globe is near the top and water begins to drain, ignite your material.
8. Push the globe the remainder of the way until perpendicular in top chamber. Once drained, you may pull from the unit now or rotate the unit again until perpendicular to have the smoke forced out.
9. Smoke output can be paused by rotating back into a parallel position.



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