Tune in to see Top Chef Kristen Kish teach Selena Gomez Studenglass food smoking techniques, taking Mexican street corn and carrots to a new level.

While in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, multi-hyphenate business woman and singer Selena Gomez brushes up on her cooking skills with the help of master chefs. In season 4, Selena heads to the beach to serve up a taste of summertime. In this season, she pushes the envelope with new techniques and tools; wait until you see Selena smoking food using our Stundenglass gravity infuser!

As teased in the trailer, below, Gomez will be working with a slew of celebrity chefs that include Adrienne Cheatham, Devonn Francis, Gordon Ramsay, Kristen Kish, Ludo Lefebvre, Matty Matheson, Nick DiGiovanni, Paola Velez, Priya Krishna, and Rachael Ray. This show is equal parts amazing food and techniques as well as being lighthearted and really inviting. Who wouldn’t want to cook with Selena? We loved seeing Selena infusing dishes with our gravity infuser…

Selena + Chef Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

If you don’t know Kristen Kish… here’s why we love her:

Kish won legions of fans, first by helming two of Barbara Lynch’s esteemed Boston restaurants, and then by battling her way back from elimination to win season ten of Top Chef. Her path to distinguished chef shines a light on her determination and love of food. Her recipes are surprising yet refined, taking the expected—an ingredient or a technique, for example—and using it in a new way to make dishes that are unique and irresistible.

In this episode featuring Stundenglass, Kish helps Selena elevate a childhood-inspired summertime spread of Mexican street corn, glazed carrots, cheesy chickpea fried broccoli, and a strawberry yuzu dessert. (Ok, our mouths are watering..)

Jumping right in, with Kish’s step by step instructions, Selena preps the Stundenglass infuser and smokes yogurt alongside Kristen Kish. The reactions that ensued are priceless. Selena smoking yogurt gives us all kinds of ideas on summertime dips we are going to need to try ASAP. Tune in to see Selena and Kristen Kish making magic. Its safe to say we turned those guests worlds upside down. See if you catch one of them saying how they wish they invented it (our hearts just about melted)